We are so happy to share our passion of unique, original ties.

We started this business over 25 years ago with 100 ties in a flea market. By the end of the day, we had 8 left. We knew we found our place in the world of accessories. We started travelling the country selling ties in shopping malls, fairs and exhibitions. Being face to face with our customers taught us about our customers needs first hand. We can assure you by now we know everything and everybody in the tie industry.

Selling neckties became the most important thing in our daily lives. We raised our kids with room full of neckties. When our daughter started school she asked other kids “what their parents were selling for a living”. For her, it was obvious, jobs were about selling something.

Then came year 2000 and the way to go was an online store.

2002Ties is a family company with over 2,500 different ties to choose from and a sincere passion for what we have built. We believe the key to our success lie both in our personalized customer service and in our large selection of neckties. Happy shopping and please call/email if you need our assistance.

– Ginette & Jerry